To名詞(介系詞) 或 To動詞(不定詞 一.不定詞(To 動詞)形容詞+不定詞(to+動詞)be able to be sure to be just about to be kind enough to be apt to be supposed to be bound to be inclined to be compelled to be obliged to be prepared to be destined to be scheduled to 二.非不定詞(To 名詞) 婚禮佈置 to 作介系詞+名詞, 不作不定詞+動詞2-1.動詞+to+名詞reply to respond to answer to awak to wake up to cling to adher to stick to hew to cleave to conform to correspned to answer to pander to cate 禮服r to appeal to be attracted to pertain to belong to apply to be compared to be likened to led to come to reduce to starve to freeze to bleed to choke to be stabbed to be hacked to be trampled to be burned to be beaten to 房地產 be sentenced to condemned to amount to referred to points to allude to yield to submit to kowtow to succumb to bow to capitulate to bend to defer to condescend to turn to reverted to recur to subscribe to be consigned to be accredited 裝潢to ceded to consent to objected to admitted to tesify to adhere to’ minister to warm to attend to se to stoop to descnd to condescend to be glued to dropped to abbreviated to shortened to appealed to swear to propose to beckon to talk to complain to poi 保濕面膜nt to listen to signal to pray to boast to dictate to nod to wave to apologize to be doomed to dance to echo to vibrate to wake to exercise to resort to incline to accede to succede to 2-2.形容詞+to+名詞be due to be used to be married to be know to be familiar to be 結婚similar to be sequal to be peculiar to be sensitive to be essential to be equivalent to be comparable to be accustomed to be inferior to be second to none. be true to be opposed to be devoted to be indifferent to be related to be attached to add up to come to adapt to 2-3.名詞+to+名詞react a 房屋出租ngrily to awaken hime to alert him to endear him to Mary link cars to connect cars to index rice to reduce him to tears/silence/despair/obedience reduce the house to ashes drive hime to despair ascribe the failure to owe the failure to credit the success to impute the success to arogate the car to oneself surrend 宜蘭民宿er oneself to him yield the car to hime abandon oneself to drink resigned myself to subjugate sth to sth change him to being poor convert sth to switch from sth to sth tailor the short to her accommodate sth to sth accustom sb to sth inure sb to sth orientate oneself to sth attune sb to sth restrict myself to expose yourself to 個人信貸subjcted all England to his rule. contributed 10000 to donate sth to owe sth to offer sth to proffer sth to give sth to sb lend sth to sb loan sth to sb sell sth to sb auction sth to sb rent sth to sb lease sth to transfer sth to sb .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! seo  .
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